Kutkh Jackdaw rolling thread

Nice vibe.

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Cheers pal

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Great EBM stuff around 17:30 in, dope.

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New mix for my local collective that I’m a resident for who put on events in Brighton, and have recently started a mix series

This one is full of hard/techno/trance, but yep I have mixed in a dubstep track :wink:

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Here’s a new mix for Spanish label Bruto Industries. Lots of techno, EBM and electro, also featuring some grime.

New mix for Ukrainian collective Oblivion, featuring techno, EBM, electro, breakbeat, bass music and various other electronic diversions

I did a live stream last week for Brighton based Search Party, and the mix is now online on YouTube and Soundcloud.

The mix features a whole host of music including electro, ebm, techno, breakbeat, bass music and italo.

New mix for German podcast and event series Blank Wave.

2hrs of italo disco and synth recorded live at Portuguese radio station Lusophonica.

Sweater On Polo - Hot December
Credit 00 - Midnightlife Crisis
Poperttelli - Bilboq
Bertram - Lanta
Facets - Noć
Chrome Corps - Body Attestation
David J Bull - Shake Out, Get Loose
Aura Nox & Christian Kroupa - Compound Lies
Notausgang - Malphas
Notausgang - The Other Side
Unconscious feat. Carnuntum - Carnivora (LivEvil Version)
Candido - Hey I Was Poisoned
Termination_800 - Ritual Of Extermination
Survival Paradox - Alloy Of Pain
Sam KDC - Indra’s Net
Zomby & Burial - Sweetz
Kama Muta - Μου δίνεις χρόνο να σ’ αγαπήσω
Left For Pleasure - Song For Nuni
Michael Begg - Appointment With The Wicker Man
Lussuria - Circle The Vultures

My set at Mission London for Acid Reflux’s takeover is now on YouTube

Zomby - Reflection
METAL - xxxx
Filmmaker - No Fetish Without Evil
Viikatory - Equinox (Poly Chain Remix)
L.F.T. - Panzer Tanz
The Spy - Up To No Good
Unhuman & Petra Flurr - Nasenbluten
Unklevon - Miami South Express
TSVI - Vitamina H
TSVI - Ultimo Impero
New Frames - Silence Sound (feat. Omon Breaker)
Lady Starlight - Mass
Boyd Schidt - Shifting Tectonic Frames
Under Black Helmet - LUCA
Andy Farley & Colin Barratt - Uluru
Paul Glazby - Voices
New Frames - Piss In Yr Mouth (feat. Eva Vuillemin)
Kelela & KYRUH - Missed Call (KYRUH Remix)
Ghost In The Machine - Somebody’s Cream
IMOGEN - Granular Tears