Kutkh Jackdaw rolling thread


I discovered dubstep in 06 and have always been into old punk and its various offshoots as well (post punk, gothic rock, industrial etc). Been teaching myself production for a while now. When it came to actually getting started on a track, I wanted to combine my passion for electronic/bass music with my passion for punk, and just try and create something a bit different. I didn’t set out to make a dubstep track as such, but something that was definitely influenced by it.

EDIT: Track updated Jan '17


Courageously long for a first effort, lol.
Kinda reminds me of Airhead, like a nice hybrid of his current and old ethics. I think the mixing could be improved though, the snare seems body-less, like I can hear it, but I can’t ‘feel’ it. Not saying to go for a 200hz shrillex type of thing, but turn down some of the other sounds that are clashing with it in an EQ. Maybe the kick could come out more too, try sidechaining the sub so that it ducks when the kick its, particularly at the kick’s fundamental frequency.


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.



Man, I posted this up over in Tune of the Day thread - it kinda blew me away a little.

Above and beyond any production detail that might need fine tuning (and I personally don’t think it “needs” anything really) - the whole vibe and even the long-ass arrangement really work for me. You’re on to something. Keep it up. I love the whole tribal postpunk floor tom thing, the little dubwise accents, the spoken sample… If anything, maybe finding a really good, conscious poet could only make the whole thing hit harder.

PS - really like yr jungle mixes as Harbinger1989 too.


Yeah, I dig this.

Are you familiar with Mark Stewart?


I found the tune I was looking for. Had to dig out some vinyl. Check this out:

He was affiliated with On.U.Sound


Cheers for the kind words and for re-posting mate, big up! Glad you’re feeling it.

Getting someone like Vengeance Tenfold for a track would be like the ultimate dream.


Thanks man. I hadn’t heard Mark Stewart before, but just had a listen to his stuff and I’m really feeling it. Just saw he’s in The Pop Group though, who are a big influence. Funnily enough, someone else mentioned an On-U Sound similarity in the track, although it wasn’t something I did consciously!




New one up on the Soundcloud


The first one sounds sick, the hi hats are a bit too prominent (bury them a little in to the mix with more reverb I think) but it’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood imo.

You might want to check out Bass Clef because he does everything analogue and his style might be different but his production methodology might help you learn some stuff


Cheers for the feedback man.

Will have a listen to some Bass Clef stuff!





Oh yeah Distance comes from a rock background and records himself playing guitar, pretty good


The way he brings over his metal background into his electronic production is done really well.


Got a new one up if any of you guys fancied checking it.


I’ll be making my debut radio appearance as Kutkh Jackdaw tonight on http://www.1brightonfm.co.uk for the Fix show, along with hosts Bol and Rovv. Will be playing a bunch of stuff that has been influencing me and my productions recently. We’ll be on 22:00 - 00:00 GMT, give us a shout on the chat box if you fancy it!


On it. :sunglasses:

@mks too.