Label Design Thread

Give Up Art is probably my favourite design studio. They do all the work for Tempa, Rinse and FWD.

Just wanted to share this talk the founder gave on their work. - Post your favourite flyers, posters, sleeves and whatnot!


good video, I really enjoyed that.

Whenever stuff likes this comes up I have to give massive props to the guy who did the SM logo, 2Krazy from Berlin. I wanted to work with him further and do more projects. But wasn’t to be.


nice watch, btw what was that last tune in the video

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Jackpot by Roska

safe :raised_hands:

The soul motive branding was on point.

obligatory skull disco contribution


Keysound artwork is pretty nice. I remember a while ago Blackdown said Loefah was the one who designed the logo when he was a visual designer.

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Love this! Photography by Erika Wall, sleeve design by Will Bankhead.

liking Tom J Newell’s work:

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Horizon had some great artwork for their first couple of bits

I dont think a lot of labels handle stuff like this in a matter thats beyond a common tumbler tbh

like a great label like planet mu… i dont think i remember a single cover unless i had too

especially this 1


planet mu has some brilliant art…

I dont agree at all. Kuedos is a great record though.
But nice of you to post examples!

still kicking myself over not getting a soul motive tee back in the day, peng logo

Requesting to make this a best AND worst thread since the old dsf best/worst had some corkers