LAS - Appreciaton thread

Everything Love And Sound!

The Finish badman has a new release coming soon on ZamZam records:

ZamZam 35:
Traveling/Omega dub

Looking forward to what he has coming up in 2016!

One of the most standout producers of the last few years for me. Fresh, innovative, and varied.

Noticed that VIVEK’s been rinsin this in his last online mixes (Radar Radio and Rinse from 2015). System biz maybe?

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Tigersleep been around for a few years, pretty sure its in LAS memo1, but yeah Tigersleep is the LAS dubplate i want released the most, he has so many tho, Didududu, ganja smoke, wounded (another highly anticipated), Boogieman, Morning Glow Dub, Staircase (absolutely killer)

…in his Recon sets there are more and in Innamind promo mix, Memos, and the many tracks he put on soundcloud for a day or two

Love And Sound - bobhair girl version (just love the vibes)

Love that Son of July - children of the night OST

…patience is a virtue :wink:

reclight on a system is amazing. hope that ever gets released

Anyone like me who’s been wondering what LAS has been up to, the Groundwire show is still running at least:

Might need to do a quick search for it.
Hopefully some new stuff from him will emerge soon.

yeah checked his Soundcloud the other day to see if anything new had popped up- we’re well overdue some LAS!

LAS come back soon to Innamind, lookin fwd to hear what he has cooked!

Some old dubs digi >>>

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Was about to come post this

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