Lava lava

New label LAVA LAVA by Peng Sound boss Ossia


very cool

really cool tune actually!

Yeah big track. This is Ossia who released on Blackest Ever Black?
Didn’t really know about this label.

Ossia aka Peng Sound boss aka Hotline boss aka RwdFwd boss aka guy who released on BEB

this guy runs practically everything.

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Haha yea

His BEB release was insta cop biz

I also love his radio sets, especially when he’s covered The Sufferah’s Choice show with Ishan Sound and the one Dubkasm x Gorgon Sound x Peng Sound

Yo dis out yet?


Did not expect to hear Nuzungublahblahblah - Harp bells in the Hodge mix this came from.

Surprised this isnt just out on Zamzam tbh

wtf are you on about?

I lightened to the Hodge mix this track came from, which I never do as I expect it to be all “bristol techno”

He played a 3+ year old tune that ive not heard in tiiiiime

I cant spell their name to save my life.

That clearer? :rage:
granted it was off topic haha

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couple new 7"s coming out today

keep an eye on rwdfwd

One of thems a Mosca tune, that is fully bizzare