Layering your kick and snare

How do you guys go about it?

Frankly once you can handle an eq it’s just a matter of experimenting with different samples or recorded bits.
Finding a good sub base, working it, sometimes a squashy mid bang and a very light high perc.
(no not even just that, pretty much any sound can do anything. I’ll often associate 2/3 of the kick layering to some silly
sound and it surprinsingly renders great if you build tunes around it haha)

I keep being surprised at how two different samples end up combining themselves in unexpected ways, even just with the way you place them. Sometimes you’ll just move around one of the two by a fraction of time and it ends up sounding completely different, I just love it.

Same with snares.

That shit is time consuming though, I’ll usually just do that before I start doing anything creative, killed my flow way too often huh.

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