Let an AI harshly judge your music taste (via Spotify)


I’m an ambient-jazz snob apparently. But 0% basic, so I’ll take it


Is this another way to give your details to another random company

If Bill Gates find a way to use the fact I have too many Jon Hassell albums against me then fair play to him

“we’ve reviewed your spotify playlist and the computer says its correlated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, afraid we’re going to have to raise your health insurance premium”

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Lol, merry Christmas lads


I’m albanian-pop-agenda-escape-room

5% basic

You’ll have to give up your current member status in that case

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do your worst.

I’ve seen what you play on Spotify

Since when do you follow me stalker


mostly just follow ninjas :wink:

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Lucky me haha, glad you get to see all my gay selections and when I listen to the same 10 tunes

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I’ve been waiting for the day you play something shit and I can laugh at you, but you actually play a decent selection for a massive nonce

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You always know just the right things to say :love:

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