Group of Manchester guys.

From their fb:

Members: Biome. Black Josh. Bricks. Chimpo. Chunky. Dub Phizix. Fox. Jonny Dub. Metrodome. Rich Reason. Skittles. Sparkz. Truthos Mufasa. T-Man

November 2014 Rinse show: https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/levelz301114
May 2015 Rinse show: https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/levelz310515

^ free downloads with a mixtape on its way.

Promoting in London:

They’re on Channel 4 tonight at midnight as well.

These really make me miss Manchester. Such a good laugh! All really talented musically and they all bring something fresh to the table. Can’t wait for the mixtape to drop!

Levelz are sick. Make the Manchester scene so much better. People like rich reason and chimpo been running nights and promoting manc music for years and still keep everything fresh fun and not too serious

Yeah LVL 07 is a classic imo

Whats the beat with the hud-mo esque horns in that skittles goes in over @ rinse in that London vid?

The latest Rinse show was jokes. Kept going for commercial breaks and playing some ads they’d made up haha.

Skittles & Chunky on LVL 07 >>

Chimpo in general >>

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Gwarn Munce big gorgon ID don

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Them tunes sounding large

Also T-man (it is him right?) spitting over querky in that third video is :fire:

Yeah that’s t-man who works with thelem.

Think both the levelz tunes were produced (or at least coproduced) by biome and mixed by zed bias.

Yeah LVL 07 was Biome for sure, such a sick beat - lesson in progression, variation & structure with such minimal components

didn’t realize chunky was part of this. is he from manchester? assumed he was london since swamp and all that, must be a lot of traveling…

Lol how have you not clocked the manc accent

…no i have not clocked the “manc accent.”

:eye roll:

Gatineau is american and has no ear for british things.

oh is it. it thought you were from london lol

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manchesters only 2 and a half hours on the train to be fair. if youre a professional dj/mc you’ll be going up and down the country every weekend anyway

like biome on the grime tip

lvl 09 is metrodome

New mixtape out today at 11.11am

New mixtape is big.

Levelz is relentless.

Did not expect the Home and Away theme.

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