LHF - For The Thrown [Keysound]

  1. Amen Ra and Octaviour – Gateway
  2. Amen Ra – Surrender
  3. Amen Ra – Horizon
  4. Amen Ra – Yielding
  5. Amen Ra – Entrapment
  6. Amen Ra feat No Fixed Abode – One Door Isn’t Enough
  7. Amen Ra – Wet Harmonic
  8. Amen Ra – Mud and Root
  9. Amen Ra – Triumph
  10. Amen Ra – Natural Boost

2nd LP, the first was a masterpiece imo.

Strange its almost completely Amen Ra. Maybe more LHF to come w/ the rest of the crew?

first LP is probably my most listened to keysound release. forward thinking and very original.