Limitations of Push 2 for the most advanced Ableton Masters?

I get having limitations are good for getting stuff down. I’ve played guitar for 14 years and I got into ableton to get away from the physical aspect because I just wanted to write music without physical limitations. In fact I approached ableton thinking, “what could I do that most people would not want to do”, so I designed all my sounds from scratch using ZERO samples, I automated every single parameter so meticulously that would make the preset/LFO/Auto-Automation users go “holy shit how did you get that sound”, and then I’d show them my work and they would just gawk. Personally I enjoy this process because theres nothing like hearing the big picture knowing I made every single tiny little piece that makes it. It’s like bringing a machine into life. But at this point I’ve done enough work on my own and matured enough that I am OK with using samples (although most I use are ones I made myself).

Two reasons I would get an Ableton Push 2 is

  1. For the performance aspect, because as far as I know it’s the best tool to make computer music while being furthest from a computer (yet still being on a computer). That make sense?

  2. The physical interaction with making music.

For someone who has never been interested in the Push (or any MIDI controller for the matter), I’ve still been looking for ways I can perform that develops both physical interaction with music AND production/sound design with the full customization abilities, depth and power of a computer (as opposed to say an Octatrack or Electribe (which I’ve owned both)), the Push 2 is probably the best for doing that. I’ve tried to use multiple smaller MIDI controllers, but im still staring at my computer screen too much. Push 2 has a great screen.

Push 2 is such a fresh and young instrument it would be a great idea to dive into making tracks and recording it on video, both to promote music I make with and without the Push. Perhaps they can compliment eachother, but I’m not here to talk about building an audience.

To the users who can relate or are coming from the same or a similar position as me, what are limitations that are a deal breaker for you? How could you get around them? From watching tutorials and reading about it, it doesn’t look like you can build very in depth effects racks with meticulous min/max parameters, but a way to go around that is to simply build every kind of rack with every slight change I can imagine! Seems crazy but I’m trying to push using the Push 2 to it’s limits.