Link lfo rate to button/pad on midi keyboard

Hello everyone,

I recently bought a novation impulse, but i find it very annoying to find the right lfo rate when i map the lfo rate to the mod wheel, or a knob.
What i think would be a great solution is to map certain lfo rates to certain pads on my midi controller.
For example:

rate 1/1 to button 1
rate 1/2 to button 2
rate 1/4 to button 4
rate 1/8 to button 5
and so on.

Is this possible to do? or is there a better solution for my problem?
Sorry for my english, i hope you guys can understand what i mean.

Bye, thanks in advance

it’s possible, but how you do it depends on what you’re trying to control exactly

if you’d said what DAW you’re using then someone probably would have already told you how to do it