Liquid D&B

Post up new and old percy’s of liquid rollers and feel good D&B tunes.

One from me to start things off:

Nice little bootleg of a classic

Old one off my label. Decent still. Free DL too.

This song makes me want punch a hole in a door. Official turnup song for dnb.

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gotta big up my mates even though we all think the tune’s shit haha

their techier stuff is getting played by Icicle and Mikal amongst others which is a wave. and the tunes these guys play don’t come even close to the ones currently WIP. big things I hope.

Not Spher’s absolute best, but it’s the best one that’s still on Youtube. He’s bare low key and probably ditched the scene, but worth a look at any rate.

shameless narcissism

Tyler Straub is such a don!

Also these

Best christmas present ever

Vaguely reminds me of

looking up tunes for this thread is bringing back memories.

Be sure to check out his new show on dnbradio!

Can’t believe how much i used to listen to this tune, sounds cheesy now, rappin is terrible lol.
Still think the flute sample is sick tho, anyone know what it’s sampled from?:

bait but don’t care,
that sample :love: