Lithium_Hazmat’s Sample Packs (LH Vol 1 Released!)

So… LH Vol 1 is ready to be released. Just need to upload it. But, that’s not what this is about. It’s about my future releases. My plan so far:

Tell me if you guys will use this stuff or not, bc my reason for making these is for public use.


Yeah I’m always down for a sample pack.
I tend to be more picky about them these days but if I can get 1 or 2 good samples I know I’ll use then that’s a win.

An update

LH Vol 1 Released!

This took 5 months to finish, but very happy with the results.

So what’s inside?

In the Bass Folder: Growls, Basslines, bass one-shots, and 14 wonks n wobs

In the Drums Folder: A handful of drum samples, drum loops & top loops

In the synth folder: Synth loops varying different genres, Bpm, and keys

In the FX folder: Risers, falling FX (just 2 lol), impacts, and misc FX

In the MIDI folder: 10 MIDI files with either a melody or chord progression

In the shouts folder: Special delayed and flanged shouts

In the song starter folder: 6 Trap, Dubstep, and Future Bass song kits to kickstart production

Altogether 400+ samples, loops, and MIDI files to dig into. Chop em, stretch em, pitch em.

Some info:

Some of the samples are from other packs, but changed to a great extent. Some drum loops have Cymatics drum samples, but changed. Using these should be fine as long as you don’t use them for commercial use. (same with the shouts folder)

90% of the loops and samples are ACID’ised (as in they will automatically stretch to any BPM)

To get the most out of these samples use a sample tone analyzer to see what keys are used.

All MIDI is made by me and not copied.

Drum shots are either layered pitched and stretched samples or made from a synth.

Dig in and enjoy, and any feedback is appreciated :wink:

Download (412 Mb zipped folder)


An update

Definitely some sounds I will use.
Picked out a few choice samples.
Thanks dude

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Due to being on vacation for about 2 weeks I am suspending sample production until I get back.

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