Lithium Hazmat's Stuff For Public Dwnld



i was a bit ambitious, waiting on your 2nd pack tho !


The one I just realesed? Or you are just saying you look forward to my future releases? Besides that there will be more to come!


Making a little something that’s tops my other packs, inside it will have a large variety of loops, shots and presets:

JN Pack 1 coming soon to theaters…


JN Pack one will be delayed for about a month or so, I have a lack of inspiration.


Every week I will try to make a quality Xfer Serum preset, so here we go!

Ill try to explain what it sounds like:

An Excision type bass preset, a steady bass, no wobbling, pitches up over 8 bars, distorted.


Mabey not weekly… But here is another preset for Xfer Serum:
A lead that can be used for hybrid trap when played on high keys, or a cool dramatic fx when played on low keys

Tags: Lead, drenched in reverb, Hybrid Trap, Dubstep, FX, Reverb filter, gliding


Here is something that I was working on: LH Riddim Vol1


10 bass presets ready for Riddim Dubstep

And I made a demo song to go with it just for fun :slightly_smiling_face:

Demo song link


What’s up with this auto-play stuff? I nearly jumped out of my seat.


Yeah, I need to find a way for it not to. :thinking:

Edit: that’s the best way I have came up with.


Made some delayed + flanged chants using serum.(yea, bleh, go, ect…) If you want them ill upload onto zippy share or filedropper, just let me know


I uped my game a bit recently and gained a lot of experience, currently working on a sample pack. Not sure when it will be available. Time = higher quality (usually)

But for now enjoy this serum bass preset, with some proper EQ and processing it sounds like Virtual Riot’s rapid fire bass…

For Xfer Serum 1.2 or higher.