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My Looperman Loops link:


I have been playing around with pitch bending in serum, came up with this sick growl.


Tell me what you guys think

EDIT: Cleared some misunderstandings




Also, are these only presets for Serum users?




(unless I start to make massive presets, which is highly unlikely)


You should bounce the wavs.


You mean export the sound to .wav format?

Ill just make this also where I post my newest sample packs too


@discobot fortune does @mks mean export the sound to a .wav file format?


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

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That’s nifty


Don’t believe a word @discobot quote says, he’s been malfunctioning for years

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And apparently hates @mks “kill all MKS”


Fuck off @discobot quote


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That was at discobot, not you. :duncelol:


Thnx for these JN

Gonna try n make a track with them today :slight_smile:

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Putting together a Dubstep serum starter pack, wait about like 5 days and I will have it ready for download.

EDIT: Tbh, all the presets I have downloaded for serum for dubstep have been always disappointing for some reason… that’s why I plan to make a proper dubstep pack for serum.


Yay, 12 presets for dubstep!

1 synth, 1 lead, 1 pluck and 9 bass patches, ENJOY!



@Scroll_Lock Btw how did that track go?