Little dubstep tune I put together. ^_^ (Feedback please)

Dropzilla might the EP title also lol

Thanks but i’m not sure what you mean by “samey brostep”. I like the vodex track btw lol

Personally, I think the intro should be much longer and not have those synth blips, maybe start off with some ambient noise, and remove the “whoosh” right at the zero mark, or make it more quiet. I agree with jalex, it is slightly cookie cutter and should be more about your style instead of modeling it after others.

The beginning with the tense background synth and bells (0:00 - 0:30) creates an atmosphere before everything else kicks in, and gives more depth to the track.


Ok so you think I should try a little more of an atmospheric sound a feel as well as more interesting formulas? Cause these tracks you posted are dope! I’m justa hyper high energy guy anyway so Dropzilla was more of a “Club/Dance” tune anyway. But I’ll try to mix it up in the future. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

That’s the thing though. I’m still experimenting to find my own style. I don’t quite have it yet. Sick track by the way! I’ll try to ditch the cookie cutter method in the future for sure. Just wanted to have a “go to” for dj gigs and parties or whatever ya know. Thanks for the feedback too!

In that case, yes this would stomp if you played it for the hype, and the whoosh would make for easier mixing. I’m more into classic stuff, which is why I added those tips. Another thing I forgot, you should work on the mids if a bro-type track if what you’re aiming for. They should really punch out the entire tune. Good job for the track overall though!

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good advice jalex

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I’ll definitely work on the mids and thank you!

I’ve always wanted to make a minimal chill tune like that. I just gotta get myself in that zone and mood to do it and feel it how I want to. And yeah it would be a lot easier to produce as well. Thanks again!

make the sub deeper and richer and you’ll be good to go

notice the sub is nice and deep in this tune along with the mids

other than that…keep it up

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For sure! I’ll definitely post it here and wait for more feedback from you! :smiley:

Damn that sub is heavy as hell! lol. That mid is raw as well! It’s got that classic, pure dubstep sound! I’ve definitely got to deepen my subs in the future if it’s gonna sound anything like this! Thanks for the feedback and the track!

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