Loading Screen (Dubstep)


I’ve been following the forum for some time now and today I decided that I want to join this amazing community! Let me introduce myself:

My name is Blaston and I’m a Hungarian bass music producer. I mostly make dubstep and slower, heavier stuff but I’m also into house, dnb and trap. I’m influenced by the big dubstep names like: Getter; Barely Alive; Virtual Riot; Skrillex etc. and just hours ago I finished my new track!

I’ve been making this track for a few weeks now and I’m here to share it with you! Since I love games I wanted to create a track that has some kind of 8bit-ish vibes. I also implemented some crazy samples and the result became “Loading screen”.

You can listen to (or download) the track here:

I definitely would love to have some feedback on this track, and also I’d be happy to answer any kind of question.

Thank you, and have an amazing day!


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yooo this is pretty decent! Do you use Ableton??

Thank you very much.
Yes I use Ableton.

Coooool maybe we should get a collab going hah? :wink:

pretty good not the best ive ever heard mixdown wise but you deserve way more plays regardless

I’m open to the idea.

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Thank you! What do you think, how could I improve my mix?
I know It’s not the best and something is missing but I don’t what it is yet.

Hey man,

I can tell you’re getting it.
The mix sounds a lot better than most I’ve heard here in a while.

Thank you very much.

There’s nothing to not like about this tune. Brutal drop and I love that chip tune sound in the lead.

Yeah man i really like the synth work, kick is very clean, nice snare, everything sounds good to me, good job man! Followed :smile: :thumbsup:

Starting off I definitely hear some of the Virtual Riot influence. Nice strong lead, and powerful kick. The drop for some reason doesnt hit as hard as I expect it to. It might be the head phones I’m using though. I like a lot of the sounds in the chorus. Decent growls and rhythmic synths. I really like the slower staccato opening in that second drop. Good attention to detail and good variability in the different parts. Well done!

I really like everything you’ve done so far. All the sounds are crisp and everything was well mixed. I really look forward to seeing the end product.