Loefah ft Fudz - My G (disko rekah vocal)

Loefah released “new” track which is just a new vocal over his old track… but Loefah said that he doesn’t like Disko Rekah at all and regrets releasing it…

not sure about the vocal on this. not saying a vocal doesnt work just this aint the best

thats exactly what i thought loool


That repost is shit, it used to be so in your face make you look silly esque on the old forum

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Which tune does Loefah hate more out of disko rekah and boiler suit

What I thought. Plus to have it on that tune is odd considering Loe apparently hates this track as others have said.

Downloaded cause it’s free but I wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t. Doubt I’d ever really play it.

Disko rekah is such a random tune to release a vocal version of anyway tbh, it’s like what 9 years old at least at this point

repress midnight


I kinda liked this tbh lol

The track annoys me every time I give it a listen

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Not gonna lie, I rate this.

Whoa, missed this

It’s hard to like because the track is so ingrained into my head from hearing it for years. Maybe the guy wanted the track from Loe or something.

Terrible imo

I can never take that comment seriously considering he released veal which is far worse than disko rekah.