Loefah - Norwood

I was on the Reddit realdubstep forum and found this https://www.reddit.com/r/realdubstep/comments/3j0op0/was_norwood_supposed_to_be_dmz015_i_dont_know/
Just thought I’d put it up here to discuss.

idk ask Loe.

That would of been off yhe old forum when speculating about 015.
I asked Mala at Dmz at the time and he said it would be Eyez, we made our own centre labels on some site.
In my head it was gonna be Eyez/Unexpected with a pink centre label.
Always was disapointed with the Return ii Space triple.
Would of much preferred the exact plates released separately with the standard coloured centre labels.

This is a purely aesthetic argument right? Just so I understand this: you’re cool with these tunes being sold as an album, but would’ve preferred them to be released individually so the labels wouldn’t be “different”?

Btw never heard anyone play Pop Pop Epic out. I think it’s a good tune. Are people a bit annoyed the intro is so loud maybe?

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It is one of the best releases ever, I had been waiting so long for those tunes to get released. I jus wasn’t too keen on the artwork or waiting so long after 014 and releasing it together.
I would of much preferred those 3 plates to be released on their own naturally like the rest of the releases with the standard dmz centre labels (different colours)
Clearly this was what was meant to of happened but Mala was too busy so he released them later but all as one.

Sorry I’m not that good at explaining myself!
Also never really liked Pop Pop Epic, always thought it sounded like it was made in the 80’s lol

vinyl collectors lol


pop pop epic is really the standout tune off the album imo. one of my favourites from mala.
actually wish that intro was longer, for longer blends

I’ve definitely heard Pop Pop Epic out, cannot for the life of me remember who played it though. No mistaking that tune.

I think a lot of DJs have issues with playing LP tunes out though, cause its not a DJ promo 45 or whatever. Think i’ve heard Serious (urban ethics) out only once too. Shame cause i love that tune.

Norwood will never see a release.

The only dubs that I could ever see Loefah releasing are the halfstep styled dubs.

Anyone have or know the show this was from?

LX One still went by Joker D back then.


Yes man, cheers

love this tune. loefah is the best

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