Long lost dub plates

Hey forum. I’m new here, and doing some research into long lost dub plates that are yet to see the light of day.
What are the legendary lost tracks, and where can I hear them?
Must be tons on old Rinse show etc, but I’m not enough of a nerd to be able to identify 'em.


this guy might be able to help

google ‘lost mala/coki/loefah dubs’ fairly sure there is a youtube playlist for each one


yeah man listened to those playlists many times haha

this is an interesting thread on the old forum, but at 60 pages it’s a bit daunting


will have a look. yeah 60 pages could be a bit of a slog

I guess I’m looking for a top 10-20 maybe

There’s lots of great stuff that never came out but I feel like the list of huge dubs everyone loves, the legendary pokemon, d you will, is getting shorter and shorter. DMZ vs MZN I guess. Feral witchchild by burial. Don’t imagine either of those will ever see the light of day.

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I’ve put a load of unreleased stuff on here man.


Yeah I’ve noticed a lot of stuff is getting put out, but I think a list of 10-15 seems do-able if you widen your search a bit. Some might not be “huge” but people would still love to see them get full releases


got links to Pokemon and D you Will?

imo, for long lost ones…

top mala dubs: Jah Power Dub, Drunken Swagger, Torn at the Roots, Bun da System, Harvest, DMZ vs MZN

top coki dub: chalice

loefah: Norwood, Left Right Left, Babylon

skream: WMD, The Soul Remix, Deeper Feelings, Cimmerian, Disfunktional Mindz, Levitated, Life in General

benga: Paranoid, Soulz Remix (this was on a later dubstep allstars listed as a remix of magnetic man i think, different from skream’s remix which was of menta)

burial: true love vip (not sure if this is really lost i’m not a burial expert)

goth trad: invation - i know he’s still active but i have the feeling this one’s never coming out, and it’s a gem. i’d add sinker or sunbeam vip but i can see those coming out.

killawatt & ipman: dark place vip (never coming out, and probably the best dungeon dub out there)

vivek: motherland vip


Remember when midnight and woman were lost dubs…

Good times eh?


FUCK U creme


Back when dubstep began, dubplates were actually good, now most of these old dubs being unreleased is just annoying now.

Since you’ll probably want a lot, here’s a lot. Not including any tracks entitled “unknown” or “untitled”

Best Mala Dubs: Jah Power Dub, Save Me, Drunken Swagger, Bun Da System, Harvest, Creepah, Tombstone, Big Leg Movement, Misty Winter Pt. II, 10 Dread Commandments VIP, Runway, Livin’ Different VIP, Body Clock Delay, Adultz Only, Cowboy Dub, Torn At The Roots, Say Yes, One Hope, Bad Spirits On Shoulders, Sundayz, Dun Stinky, Dub Grub

Best Coki Dubs: I Swear, Ital, His Majesty, Countdown, Heartless Ninja, Light One, Satanic Attack, Fighter, Herbsman, Heights Of Heaven, Badness, Badman Ras Livity Riddim, Chalice, Stepper’s Vibe, Crystal Lake (Peel Version), Da Edit, Checkmate, Catman, Gotham, The Balance

Best Loefah Dubs: Hey Lover, Gandhi, Babylon, Hurricane Kick, Scotty, Rebel, Norwood, Left Right Left, Movements, Drive Bi, Memory Loss, System VIP, Struck Dumb, 3rd Choice 2nd Drop, Encona, Natural Charge, Root VIP, Mile Hi Club, Boiler Suit, Lightz

Best Skream Dubs: Tune In, Stay Devoted, Dubai, Late Night Memories Of 2003, Herb, Life In General, Tale Of Bass, Rutten VIP, Disfunktional Mindz, Cape Fear, Dubsteppa, Dark Waters, Egypt, Depth Charge, Fairy Tale, Konga, Future’s Dark, Groovin’, Bullseye, Garagey Steppa, Dubby 2-Step

Best Benga Dubs: Urban Fox, Mixed Signals, Industrial Problem, The Drumzz, Blood, Strong, Let’s Move On, Bassline, Musto, Us Step, Serial Numbers, 80s Arpitron, Blackout, Back To Singles, 2004 Shizzle, Skank VIP

Best D1 Dubs: Veto, Victim, Earth, Gully, No Turning Back, Redstripe, Enigma, Higher State, Degrees VIP, Deaf

Best Silkie Dubs: Brazil, Shubanize, Misogynist, Sly, Gypsy, Bluesy, Disrespect, I Call, M Boog, Don’t DJ For Free, Do The Shuffle, Brighter, Maybe Baby, Fill Me In, Neo Geo, Elevator Music, The Night Before

Best Cluekid Dubs: Electric Avenue, Rufage, No Murder, Mistik World, Alligator, Angle Grinder, Froggy, King Cobra, Thunderbirds, Laberynth, Atlantis, Jackhammer,

Other Dubs: The Others - Serious Sounds, Rusko - Leeds Kru, 2562 - Resistance Dub, Quest - Loud And Proud, Kromestar - Kalawanji VIP, Headhunter - Tonkin’ Delight, Headhunter - Quantum Dream, Plastician - Funeral Vibes, Pinch - Grump, Pinch - Red Eye Indians, Wen, Lex & J-One - Closer, Chase & Status - Call To Prayer VIP, Quest - Daddy Cool, Silkie & Kromestar - Elders, Silkie & D1 - Bridging The Gap, Cyrus - Zambi, Heny G - Gangsta Shit, Calibre - Wards, Distance - Blue Velvet, Kulture - Crickets

Piezo - Antelope Swing and Subtle Mind - Te Vas are considered new dubs, but are worth checking out.

Peace Out :v:


Beatrixquiddo has uploaded nuff tunes


This is a good mix with loads of dubs too

Speaking recently this is my favorite lost dub of the past few years

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@epiccentipede6942 lovely mate

Yaaasss, momentum is the one

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