Looking Disused Venues / Pits / Spaces for Parties in London

Hi everyone,

Looking for warehouses / spaces in LDN, similar to that of DMZ 8th birthday at the Great Suffolk Street Warehouse / Rye Wax / The Laundry - obviously on a much smaller scale for some parties.

anything between 100 - 400 capactiy

Anyone know any places?

Even old snooker clubs etc. The worse state, the better.

Appreciate all the help,

What you got planned

Not entirely sure you’ll find anything matching that description with such a small capacity. There are a few venues in the Arches around Vauxhall, failing that Electrowerx is pretty run down and I believe you can hire out specific rooms within the venue itself depending on capacity.

You wont find much like it, I can probably help but unless you have done events before you have got one HELL of a battle on yer hands

The pub opposite south Wimbledon tube has a venue space attached to it, that’s pretty scuzzy as well.

And there was a youth centre style place that I’ve been to with Legend4ry few years back that did Thursday night dubstep nights. Think it was Nikki running them, Heny G, Coki, Mala playing down there.

Only went for a few parties before it stopped though. Shame, good space.

Surely places like this are more common out of london

Good luck mate decent medium sized venues as you described in London are gold dust, let alone with a good system.

As said above way more common out of London, thinking of places like Kitchen St in Liverpool where they can just stick a Void in basically any old basement/room no sweat

Closest to your description in LDN is Canavans but its shit sound & the owners a nause so…

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I’ve done stuff cracking stuff in old disused warehouses/court houses etc in the past outside of London - so I’m used to hiring in soundsystem/lighting, portaloos, bar etc

Any thoughts?

Nice suggestions from people, Canavans is cool - it’s just used quite a lot!

Will look into Electrowerkz and some of the arches in Vauxhall.

Any other suggestions?! The worse - the better in my eyes. The more I can do with it.

Ah so you have a night or something? I just mean as thats what most venues care about these days, past shit and FB likes and all the bollocks.

Alot of it is well not so disused anymore. Supposedly there is an arch place out in hackney wick way that you can get that is unlicensed.

Other than that its abit bleak aleast as far as I know

Appreciate the response! Any ideas where abouts?

I have heard positive stuff about The Victoria 451 Queensbridge Road
Dalston, London, E8 3AS where Different Circles are currently running their night.

Thats apparently the noisey (or vice?) own bar that they use for a venue if you are cool enough haha.
If anyone has links to a 400 venue that will actually fucking respond, and would allow a soundstsyem that would be great and me and @Riddles have big plans for Spring.


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Ooh do tell… :eyes:

Also watch as we big it up and then never get a venue :cornlol: