Looking for a dubstep video

Hello guys, for the first, sorry if this topic is wrong here… maybe you can tell me where to go with my problem.
I am looking for a special dubstep video. My problem is, I don’t know the title. It’s a few years ago I’ve seen it the last time. The video is completely animated an begins with a landing of a big war machine. The machine begins to fire and the dub beats are going on too… it’s a great music video because every single fighting action is synchronized with the music and the beats. Does anybody know this video?? I am searching it for the last 2 years and I don’t even know how to find it anyway.


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dub beats


No the video I am looking for is completely animation there are no humans
only a very futuristic city and big machines fighting with super lasers etc.


probably not reading your post

Hmm. …how can I further explain… in the dubstep Video (original Video to the music) there is 3D animation… it begins with a futuristic city…there are no humans… trains on a single track… and the sky is dark… a very big machine (like a big building) comes from the sky and starts to shoot and destroy city and the incoming strike force. To every action there is an matching beat, building the dubstep music…


Just search for “transformers dubstep” there’s plenty of mashups on yt.

No dubstep or dub beats but otherwise pretty sure you mean this

Remember their tedx talk and saying it took about 3 years to make it. more of his stuff is here http://www.alexanderlehmann.net/