Looking for a Label

I’m looking for a Dubstep label that will put my music on Beatport.
Examples of my work are on soundcloud.com/resurrectionus

OWSLA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I wish.

if you only want your music on beatport, you might be able to do that yourself, with a proper distributor. But to get on Beatport, isn’t as easy as to get on other stores, so… Yes you might need a label to do that.
good luck

Beatport is pretty shit tbh. Over priced tracks, pointless hold backs from other stores, and also relatively ugly.

Im not speaking from personal experience as in releases myself, but from my friends who are getting regular releases on reputable labels its not about just “finding a label” online that will distribute your music.
This isn’t to pass comment on the quality of your tunes - they may well be fiyah - but if an online label puts your tunes on beatport it doesn’t necessarily mean that theyre gonna get out there, be bought, played, put in mixes, played out, etc.
The way that all of my heroes, and indeed friends who are getting releases have reached this point is through years of hard work and networking. Thats the key, getting your tunes played out on radio shows, sending them to people in the genre you make - Plastician regularly plays around half of his entire Rinse FM show made up of new beats he’s sent via soundcloud. Get your name known as best as you can, get emails and contacts of labels and DJs who will push your music if its good enough. Then you’ll attract not just label interest, but the right sort of label interest from the right labels.
I only say this because Ive heard many a horror story of digital/online labels signing tunes and them literally going nowhere. Its always best to build up a solid relationship first.

Easier said than done mind :corn:


Thank you for your input. My good friend is friends with Datsik and he’s getting a release on Firepower Records once the paper work is finished. And I’m making a song with him that might be on Firepower as well. So that possibly could get people to buy :smile:

so ur soundcloud has 1 track & its a remix

It had a whole EP but there was a fight and now it’s not uploaded anymore. Trust me, I have several tracks I’m working on.

Ignore ray here, soundcloud is basically instagram for music.

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what is instagram for? never understood.

Posting pictures you’ve taken. Most pictures are of mundane things like food, that nobody actually cares about but you just put up because you made it or are about to eat it.

You should focus more on improving your music before you try to find a label.

You’re right. My music does suck right now :confused: but I’m trying.

good fit for Datsik then.


k den.

you can start your own label. beatport has baseware that handles distro. you have to apply and have several releases ready etc etc… search around the beatport site for info.

i put out a go-go (you know what go-go is right?) released through another distributor:

and it wasn’t too complicated.

tough part though is doing the marketing and getting people to listen / buy / care
which is what a real label should do for you…

It’s gonna take years, YEARS to improve your music to get up to label and release quality.

Once you improve your music, people will come to you. More popular artists are gonna hear your things. Develop connections with them, become their friends, ask them for help. Make music with them, release with them. Eventually you’ll make friends with network owners and you would then be able to send them any of your work because they’ll be interested. Along with all your new producer friends as well.

You’re making a mistake by looking for a label now. Don’t get desperate because at that point you will be willing to give your music to any label. Most labels now don’t do ANY proper marketing whatsoever. You’re not gonna find yourself in a new position at all. Basically, probably no one will see your work, no one will buy it.

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The closest affiliation (I think) you should have with any label right now is particularly just looking at and following networks you like to hear from that you also would like to be apart of someday. That’ll be a good way of doing “research” to ensure you capture that dream release. I follow probably 2-5 labels that I would like to see myself on someday, that way I familiarize myself with what they’re releasing and familiarize myself with the quality and sound they’re moving towards. That’ll help the quality of your music improve because it’ll inspire you to do better. Aim high and savagely work towards the goal. :smile_cat:

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Thanks so much :slight_smile: