Looking for advices on my last one

Hey guys,

I’m a beginner and i’m really interested in Dubstep producing. Only, no one can give me serious advices since I never had the chance to share my work with people who actually like Dubstep, so here I am.

Here is my last track, but you can also check the others. I’m pretty unskilled at the moment and I have many ideas I can’t even put on the DAW, so yeah this is pretty limited.
So what do you think about it ?

Sorry about the broken english.


Very interesting intro, liked the random guitar in there :smiley:

When the tune kicks around @44s, it’s very LOUD. You have a lot going on, particularly with the mid range, and it makes it’s hard to pick out the drums.

I’d suggest taking any compression you may have off the master channel, and taking another listen to your mixdown. There are a lot of elements that seem to be in the same frequency space, and they’re giving a bit of a headache to listen to.

The drums in particular could do with some space to breathe, as they’re being a bit drowned out as it stands. Try isolating the frequencies that the kick/snare are hitting at, then subtractively EQing the mid range elements to give the drums a bit of space to come through.

Not sure of your level of technical, but you might also like to try some sidechained EQ, so the midrange drops out around the frequency of the drums whenever they hit. For example, if your snare hits at 200hz, have the EQ on the midrange set to ‘drop’ out slightly on the 200hz range whenever the snare hits. This will give the snare room, and give the midrange a bit of a pumping effect to give it some movement,

Felt the break at 1m38s was a little abrupt…like the newsman sample didn’t start at the right place. Gave a bit of an awkward space.

Second half of the tune is the same as the first…you’ve got a lot of elements going on and fighting for space. I might even suggest taking out a couple of the midrange patches to make it less cluttered, but that might be the style you’re going for :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer !
You mentionned a lot of things I didn’t even know about, I guess it will be useful as hell for the next ones :slight_smile: