Looking for concert audio tracks, or some one that dears to make one!

Hello guys, im a big music fan like most here in this forum. I have been trying to find a good dynamical song with some heavy bass drops, but it seems like no one make it for the every day listener. When i think of dynamic music, i think of the tracks You hear at live concerts. Have any one of You been in a dubstep concert where the intro seems quite good and loud, but when the bass drop comes, it blows you straight out of balance and the First 0.3 second of the drop you dont realy understand what the f%#k is Going on because the presure and sound level are just way beyond what you would ever Imagine? That is what im looking for. The problem is that in live concerts they are designing the audio tracks to be like that, and to blow Your brains out as brutaly as posible, it is not only designed as a song but also like a emotional drug/trip/journey, through the power of the dynamic potential, while in cd’s and streaming music, they compress the s#%$t out of the tracks to make it louder (read about Loudness war if you dont know about it). My question is, do any of you have a dubsteptrack with the dynamic metioned above or if annone could make a short Audio track with it, im dying to get that live feeling in My living room.

Skrillex is probably the best example of this

You cant Get this experience from a cd or streaming

its not possible at home unless you had very, very big speakers like they have at a show

what you ‘might’ be thinking about is probably how the air behaves when huge soundwaves go through them when you’re upclose to the speaker

(er du fra dk? )


I got one 218 Inch Martin audio wsx at home and 2 Martin audio wavefront tops + 4600watt of Crown power. Soundsystem is no problem, people living around me is tho!

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ah ok well thats a start at least

but i think you are confusing what we percieve physically with how something can sound … .

try this thought

if your system was able to recreate a live show situation - you could just pop the cd in and it would be the same.

theres not a difference from what he would play at a show and then a cd (well not a lot … and its not directly related to loudness wars unfortunately)

When i was working in the soundrental industry, the sound engineers said that some of the shows they had up to 15 db rms of extra power to manage the most demanding bass heavy intervalls (often bass drops) thats 18db peak of extra power. I dont know so much of the compression of cd’s but what i have heard and read, cd’s are not so dynamical as live performance is. I could be wrong tho

Can You explain abit more :slight_smile: ?

its not the compresion on cds that is holding the desired live effect back…

and its just not the same specific loss of dynamic quality on a cd - that at the same time becomes available at a live show

(the reason you are confused is probably just because both situations are related to dynamics, but its not the same thing, here)

the thing you enjoyed live is probably dependant on a huge physical subwoofer literally moving the air

I do belive that it is the airpresure that is what i enjoy, but i still dont belive You can achive live experience with CD’s that have an DR (dynamic range) of 5-14, some artist Even have some songs with a DR under 4 in their CD’s. It is not unormal to have DR at 16-20 and even more at live performance


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