Looking for feedback on an idea I have. (Hasnt been mixed so sounds may be off)

Any type of feedback is appreciated!

That’s not bad. Mixing is off (as you said) but the idea seems pretty solid and it’s always refreshing to hear a vocal track rather than the regular faceless instrumental shit.

Thank you for your feedback!

Im still in the phase where I really do not understand the steps on mastering the song. Everytime I finish the melody the aka ‘’ the fun part ‘’ and realize it is time to make it sound clean I get stuck since I just dont know how to do it…

Are there any good sources where I could learn how to master a song?

Don’t worry about mastering. Just get your mixdown as hot as you can.

Oh I meant sources for how to mix*

Get yourself a copy of this;

You can probably find a PDF online for free if you have a dig around :wink:

Haha! Thank you sir!