Looking for feedback on Techno track

Just looking to see what u guys think, good or bad.

Definitely not a fan of the guitar; the tune to me sounds cluttered with it and lacks direction. In my opinion, it’d be best to get rid of it.

Once the guitar leaves, you have a great setup for a jacking house banger. I’d love to see the kick blown out of proportion a bit (think Unknown To The Unknown, i.e. Bleaker - “Hype” or the recent Octopus EP on Hot Haus Recs). The clap is a bit too dry for my taste and could do with some more fat aswell; I’d imagine you want that to SMACK.
I like the, err, bleepy conga melody? Haha. Has me wishing for a whistle; proper stimulant for unashamed dancing.

The ending is a bit disappointing then; the tune fizzles out and leaves me with the impression that it didn’t go anywhere. I love bleepy, loopy shit that doesn’t really do anything; from dub techno to microhouse to drone and back. But I’d like to see some sort of logical conclusion. Bring the bleepy main to an end, maybe let the drum track roll out a bit - even though it’s stylistically something completely different, Kassem Mosse did a great job of evolving a tune and bringing it to a conclusion on “Flowers In May”. (On that note - maybe figure out a way to introduce the main without fading it in. As an example, maybe listen to Photonz - Osiris (Palms Trax Remix) for pointers).

After writing all this, I realise I might be wanting to push this in a certain direction that might not be the one you want to explore, and I’m a bit sorry for that. :wink:
Anyway - I think you did a good job overall and the track deserves some more work to be put in. Take my words as a subjective opinion trying to show you the further possibilities of your work. ^^
Keep it up, man.

Cheers man , really appreciate the response, Tbh I completely agree with you on the guitar, I put it in as an afterthought and never gave it to much attention, I felt like at the start the intro need something to drop from so I tried to use as more of a frequency filler but I may try and substitute something else. I’ll definitely put some more time into it and hopefully I’ll reach a point where I’m happy with it :slight_smile:
Thanks again man, I’ll post any versions of it I finish.

idk if its techno but I like it kinda like what they call ‘outsider house’ but on the other hand u werent asking for bullshit tips on how to categorize you’re music but instead feedback on your track and I’m gonna say I like it it’s nice

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Yeah, it’s definitely house imo.