Looking for feedback. Primer - Tides

Tell me what you think!


good sounds in this man, need a bit more variety as the tune progresses as it gets a bit samey.

also the bass is a bit overpowering in my headphones but that could be the headphones

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I like it, overall it’s good, maybe a bit too heavy on the reverb on the perc (maybe just reduce the size of the reverb a bit), and as riddles says it needs more variety, imo you could achieve that just by changing the guitary sounding thing a bit, instead of playing the same phrase all the time, do a little solo with it or something

cool man, really reminds me of something…

got that old Late/Phaeleh/Vaccine kinda sound,

nice one :smiley:

P.s. I see what swerver is saying about the verb, it sounds good, but a bit unnatural. Try reducing the pre-delay (2-2.5ms usually pretty good for perc), which will give a more natural sound - currently it sounds like an echo on the snare rather than the snare sitting in a nice space. That effect does give a nice breath, maybe try reducing the room size so it’s not so dense :slight_smile:

Loving the vibe, has got that Phaeleh sound as Urban said! But yes the reverb could of been less “there” if that makes sense. Also I think a heavier a drum rolling into the subbass would be nice, but thats subjective! Some percs could be a little lower as one rings my ears, but the track its self is a tune, and a really eerie feel. I like the composition!

@swerver @Riddles @xGannon @Urban_Fox
Thanks a bunch! So I need to ease up on the reverb, or at least make it sound more natural, and add some more variety in the melody. I already put the track out so I’ll use these notes for my next track. I wish I had spent more time on this one, but I only gave it a day. Gannon I like that idea about the drums rolling into the subbass, I’ll think about that when I make my next thing. And thanks for the Phaeleh comparison and such!

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