Looking for feedback, tips, etc

Hey guys, I am a 19 year old music producer from Kansas City and I was just looking for some help with my production and just general feedback! Thanks!!!


wrong section friend, try dubs

no1 gives a shit how old u are fyi

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tbf if someone was making bangers and they were like 80+ I’d be pretty hyped



Any age between 12 & 60 dont put it in ur soundcloud bio

I think people list their age when there is nothing interesting about who they are or what they do.

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I’m just wanting tips on my music guys, no need to be a dick because I put my age.

ahh, I’m new to this forum haha. Thanks

Looking for feedback
Give feedback
Im a dick

clearly says feedback with production man, but its cool, thanks for the marketing feedback i guess haha

yeah, theres a section of the forum dedicated to what youre looking for

production is not it

yeah, i didnt understand the forum completely yet, I just got an account. Thanks though!

The only thing I would say is use different drums, and different percussion patterns maybe. All the drum samples sound the same and they sound like a default drum kit in Fl Studio or something, other than that, just keep it up and just don’t worry about it. If people like it, they like it and if they don’t, nothing much you can do about it.

yeah, i processed the kick and have been using it a ton, but ive finally purchased some new samples and drum production software, so the drums will hopefully be better. Thanks!

the kick you could probably get away with, it’s mainly the snares and the claps that are the most noticeable along with the hats.

yeah, ive always had trouble with layering my snares and i always keep going back to the same old sound and ideas. I definitely never really took enough time wit the hats though.

Snares are the hardest because I can never find the snare sounds I want, sometimes I’ll layer 10 snares before I get my nice crispy natural sort of snare that I like or so. Just don’t worry about it. Sometimes other bits of percussion like shakers, maracas and bongos can add to the track, make it a bit more interesting for the listener.

yeah, ive been doing a lot of different sequencing and fucking around with toms and shakers a lot

well, lately

I recorded my own snare samples on my friend’s drumset and then also recorded sounds of things that weren’t even drums and shaped them into drums on this thing>

There’s also some neat stuff on Google about synthesizing your own snares.

Also yeah, learn the forum rules and all, but ignore these jerks and their irrelevant comments. Keep at it.

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