Looking for old Mixes

Thought I’d ask if anyone has a couple dubstep mixes I’ve been trying to find for ages, if there’s already a running thread for requests like this, just point me in the right direction.

Been looking for:
Deapoh Sub FM May 15 2006
Deapoh b2b Cotti Sub FM October 2 2006
Kode9 BBC 1 Extra Hyperdub Showcase with Benji B February 20 2009

And for anyone else in search of old mixes, I’ve had some luck here:


:baretunes: :ghostrec:
proper summer vibes!
thanks for the link

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Thanks for posting those mixes! The old Distance ones are pretty classic. I remember there was a radio mix where he talked a lot during songs and replied to some comment like “where the guitar sample in Headstrung came from?” and the he said it was played by himself. It was funny.

Also I’m looking for videos of old and new sets (not youtube stuff, that’s not really for collection) both audience (not cellphone stuff, real handheld camcorder ones) and proshot recordings in collection friendly formats that wasn’t pulled off YT. Like DVD (VIDEO_TS), avi, mp4, mkv, ts, etc. I only have a very few ones from Magnetic Man (downloaded from dimeadozen and themixingbowl). Artists I’m interested in: Distance, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Kode9, Benga, Kryptic Minds and similar ones.

Thanks in advance!


Bumping this to ask if anyone’s got any old Blackdown mixes from 08-10. Had a bit of luck finding some on slsk (happy to up on mega if anyone wants!), but i’m still searching for: October 2010, September 2010, August 27 2009, July 16 2009, June 25 2009, March 26 2009, October 30 2008, October 2 2008, August 28, 2008, July 31st 2008, & June 26 2008.

Found a few more mixes on slsk, July 16 09, October 2 08, October 30 08 and June 26 08 to be specific. I put them up on mega here: https://mega.nz/#F!jqAQ1K6Q!_9C5jCHhiOZH8igayBfhbg
will update when i find more.