Looking for producers to swap new/incomplete tracks for criticism

Looking to find a few people to build permanent connections with that can give good and concise feedback on incomplete tracks and track ideas to help foster tomorrow’s big sounds.

Posting tracks before complete seems to only provide limited response, overwhelmed with BS.

Any other serious producers out there want to build permanent connections to exchange tracks-in-the-works, so that i/we could solicit feedback exchange in a non-public vehicle, where both parties can learn the current skill and potential of the other producer, and take into account the intent and current stage of the tracks needing review before providing feedback?

I’m happy to fulfill my part and listen and provide clear and usable feedback on any tracks interested parties want to throw my way… Any takers on the counterpart for this network?

yo we have a thread exactly for this but you have to at least find it yourself :slight_smile:

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