Been into man for a while, big big tracks like these:




First song i heard from him off of Elysium

Weigh me down is dope af

So is Acid Rain

Hes easily one of my favorite artists now


https://soundcloud.com/lorn/stuck interstates

Such a distinctive sound. Would love to see his gear list.

on this people were talking about it on reddit and he responded:

several layers of a custom oberheim matrix 6 patch run through 1/4" tape and a thermionic culture vulture a few times. the entire track is also slowed down from its native speed/tuning within logic 9.
*also thanks for the mention, i lurk here sometimes and it’s a trip to see my track show up!

**here’s the sound reimagined with a DSI OB-6.


on his use of tape:

i use and abuse it in a variety of ways – saturating the inputs, leaving them clean, re-recording at slower and slower speeds – and the kind of tape used really contributes to the sound. but i’m not so much interested in the sonic imprint as i am obsessed with the idea that the sound is there, physically trapped in time, ready to be explored, pulled apart like taffy or simply left there maybe to be discovered by a stranger after i’m long gone.

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lmao i used to play css with this dude when I was in like 9th grade, I think his steam name was slowmosexual


hes pretty chatty and doesn’t seem to act the big bollocks despite his talent and success.

His sound design is great.


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I’m fucking stoked this thread came back to life.

Man really needs to do an Against The Clock.

love lorns music… and appreciate the art he has created… but a few months ago… a kid tweeted at him about some video he made with his music in it… and lorns response was something like… [I didn’t give you permission, take it down…]

Seeing that kinda put me off from his music… shit i’m not at a level lorn is… but if someone wants to use my music for a project and sends it to me… id be fucking stoked… eh

its his work, he, rightfully, should have control over what it gets used in conjunction with…

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So cool.


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Belongs in a movie. So good.

Rest of the album is pretty impressive too - amazing sound design and he’s getting more experimental.

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Lorn’s stuff is really next level, surreal quality

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Came across another one on youtube, always sick output

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Lorn always delivers

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