Lost kryptic minds song

Hi there!

I just to spin a KM tune a lot, but having lost my hard drive a while ago, I just cannot seem to find this particular song anywhere! I forgot the title, stupidly.

I’ll try to describe it! It’s an uptempo song, so no halfstep involved. It’s no full blown dnb though. It has more of a garage feel to the beat. It starts with a fairly long atmopsheric intro and has clear chord changes. In the intro there is a deep bass floating in and out and some filtered hints of the drums. Then it quiets down and when the drop begins you hear a vocal like ‘heeey’.

It has a dark, melancholic feel to it. It is probably a bit older.

Anyone has any idea what the fudge I am talking about?:slight_smile:

Can’t help with the tune ID but have you tried going through their discog page (http://www.discogs.com/artist/44422-Kryptic-Minds)?

Tedious, I know, but the majority of the tunes they’ve released are there.

Sounds like this one buddy

KM on that burial tip, still a big tune imo

this isn’t just the tip.

Dude, you’re my hero for today! That’s exactly it! Now I understand why I didn’t find it, as it is a remix. Lovely track!


Joshs hench memory strikes again!


No probs bro enjoy the track :slight_smile: