LOTIC producer... Thousands of dollars if you can tell me

What on EARTH does this guy use to produce his music? I know it aint no standard 1/16th beat and snare on the off beat, where the hell would I start to make this kind of stuff without going absolutely bonkers crocheting all this random friggin things in here… Help, I suck!

Here’s an example… just jump around to hear all the sounds in it… https://soundcloud.com/lotic/carried

Primarily- what software/daw/VSTs are in here? His entire album AGITATIONS is wack.

Would really appreciate any advice… thanks fellas…

Nobody answer until he posts evidence that he has a thousand dollars and is able to give it.
Until then, continue derailment.


Okay okay, there is no thousand dollars but you have to understand I am desperate… Im sorry if I disappointed anyone but for a decent answer you will have thousands of tiny little pieces of my love floating through the ether which you can catch on your tongue, they are shaped like little snowflakes but they are all the same shape and are only round with no sharp edges… Just tell me your city and I will direct them your way :grin::grin:

A VST, a routing idea, anything!

he uses his years of practice…

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it’s made how it sounds.
maybe some heavy resampling
a lot of these ‘weird, alien’ sounds from Halcyon Veil etc. are usually pitched up/down found samples loaded with effects
you’ll find that most sounds have a ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to saturation and distortion where you get really interesting harmonics from the interaction of the effect and the sounds. Hard to describe you just gotta mess around try everything, render what sounds cool and throw that in the sampler and change up the fx chain. Go crazy tbh, you’ll start to have fun and before you know it you have all these cool bits to turn into a track

Granular synthesis, look into it. That’s what the noise at the intro sounds like. Sounds like a whistle being pitched up, layered with some noise, and being played on a keyboard.
Distort your drums, incrementally (using various small amounts and arrangements of distortion instead of clumping one or two large amounts on it). Play with time stretching in your sampler settings for them too.

Okay great thanks for the tips guys… Arca is another one who just comes up with the most amazing stuff… is this more Sound Design oriented or music production?

One another Q I might get out of the way, when I’m producing I know that the ‘professional’ thing to do is to constantly always make sure the mix isn’t going into the red, so that’s kinda my main priority… Do you guys recommend just disregarding that ‘rule’ and going ahead and doing whatever you like? Some of my personal favourite tracks are the ones where I just let it fly and blow everything out of proportion I. E. no regards for the mix but just producing really interesting sounds out of the distortion coming out of my speakers…
Also I don’t have a pair of monitors (yet) but I do have a well balanced $300 pair of Audio Technica headphones I use in general - not that I have much of a choice but I hate spending hours perfecting a reverb on one set of headphones only to have it sound completely different coming out of something else… again when I’m just mucking around and stuff, I don’t use the reverb as it should but yeah just mucking around you can create somereally interesting sounds in the mix by fooling around with it…


No that’s boring! Bad answer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But a true one…

yeah just put a limiter on the master.
You gotta keep in mind that loudness is not about getting every track to the front of the mix
its about the relative volumes of the sounds and how they interact.
Also wouldn’t worry too much about ‘perfecting’ a reverb or any other send effect. Just make sure they’re not taking up too much space in the spectrum and on the meter. Rule of thumb you can turn the effect all the way down and gradually augment the volume until you can subtly hear the difference in the mix. Going past the point of barely noticeable can add some novelty to the track but can easily distract and take away from the song. If you like the way a really wet reverb sounds on a snare or rimshot w/e just render a 100% wet copy that you can play using midi.

They aren’t mutually exclusive and are often co-dependent.

Sounds like FM to me (perhaps in combination with granular).

that’s just horrible noises mate, shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out


Daw - ableton
Plug in - isotope iris 2 + granular synthesis
Samples and drums