Loud and Clear Project - aimed at raising funds for two great causes


I’ve had this idea brewing for a while now.

I’ve set up a not-for profit label called Loud and Clear, but it will also be a full on project further down the line hopefully.

It’s aimed at raising funds and awareness for two causes which I am passionate about, SANE (a mental health charity), and Shelter (a homelessness charity).

You can see more on the Soundcloud, where all relevant links to blog, Bandcamp (where the music will be sold), etc are on there.

(Youtube to come soon)

Here is the Soundcloud:


The first release got uploaded today there’s also a free EP on there by me to get things off the ground.

Looking for EP/single demos from DSFers, and also mixes.

Stay tuned, get liking, sharing, commenting etc etc.



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First release cop on the bandcamp and support the cause.

Mr Mud bringing the heat for the first guest mix.

If you want to cop the releases on a pay-what-you-want basis:

All funds going to two great causes

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Well done for this man. I will listen to all this when I get home, and also need to listen to that Benny Fishel release. :slight_smile:

Also, I think we should help you with however else we can, so if you need designs, I can help with that (because I need the practice tbh, havent designed anything good since finishing school)

Yeah man, all help is absolutely encouraged (artwork. mastering, tune submission etc etc) Thanks :slight_smile:

The aim is to turn it into a full project, more when I get more info, I have loads of ideas though.

Bumping this lmk if you have tunes for submission

Latest guestmix.

First two tunes:

Cop them both on Bandcamp:

Support the cause homies!

https://soundcloud.com/loudandclearproject New music

Need yours too fams EPs/mixes/singles

Also youtube:

Thanks epnu for donating. :slight_smile:

Get your tunes in guys, eps/mixes and singles. Next artist lined up is a big one btw

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Hold tight this unknown ninja (he wishes to remain anon),

Here’s his tune:

Cop and support.

Been active recently

Also if you have a guest mix/single/EP you’d like to submit hit me up, all for a good cause.