Lunar Space Mental or Atmospheric tunes thread


I would like to find more drum&bass tunes like this (with some nice mental melodies or elements BUT with a good energy in the same time - I also like ambient mental dnb but its not exactly what I m searching for even if I accept if you want to share some big tune that I didnt know yet) because I have only found totally by chance the very few following tune but I havent got enought to do some long mixes with them, and after lot of research, in the discography of this artists and all that, I didnt find some really good stuff so I have decided to try to ask your help…

Here are the few tunes I got and this is the kind of tunes I am searching for :

Dj Fresh - Heavyweight

Origin Unknown - Lunar Bass (Commix remix)

Mutated Forms - Pessimist

J Majik & Wickaman - Old Headz

Taxman - Dreamland

Taxman - Acid

Taxman - If Only

Bladerunner - Mercenary Dub
Not on youtube

Serum & Bladerunner - Who Jah Bless

Truespirit - Deep In The Jungle

Serum & Bladerunner - Warriors

Serum & Bladerunner - Walk The Walk
after the beginning it become mental

Bladerunner - Time Trap

Any ideas of tunes a bit like this? :pray:

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Seba & Alaska - Back From Eternity
Dom & Roland - Deckers theme
Homemade Weapons - Echoes
Sinistarr - My Thoughts Exactly
Calibre & ST Files - Falling down
Seba - Forever
Source Direct - The Crane
Dillinja - Silver Blade
Resound, Loxy & Overlook - The Lodge
Kimyan Law - Copperclock
Johney - 6AM :badteeth:
Instra:mental - pretty much anything, but try Sakura
Rockwell - Reverse Engineering
Nasty Habits - Shadowboxing
Skream, dBridge, Instra:mental - Reflections
Lomax - Too Late
M.I.S.T. - Sark
Goth-Trad - Locomotive
Commix - Belleview (dBridge remix)
Moresounds - No boda dis
Margari’s Kid - Defender
Om Unit - Dreadcomms



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Also this can be helpful…

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That Seba & Alaska - Back From Eternity…
Masterpiece! But hard to find
But in digging a bit I ve heard so many big tunes in the Paradox 's label and in the awsome Scientific Wax label (hard to find as hell but such some big tunes) and into a more accessible label: 7th Storey


well at least the digis are on bandcamp.

PM005 on the other hand… :neutral_face:


Idk if this is what you mean, but whatever

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Yeah thanks all ideas are good to take, this Dillinja track remind me a bit Bladerunner the movie OST and I feel this Machinedrum track!

Well, that tune samples Blade Runner so there’s that :slight_smile:


Check out Forest Drive West Frogman, he’s sick !


The label is considering a repress ltd vinyl for 2022, the label bossman said literraly it on the discog’s page of that release… then deleted his message lol goddamnit i hope he was serious

big stepper

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