Lyeform - Stigma / Stigma (TMSV's Rusty 3 Star Remix) [ MZK001]

Forthcoming on a new label called Mo:zaïek

Rate Stigma a lot, had it a little while and it goes off. Like what TMSV has done on the remix as well.

Big up @Lye_Form on his first vinyl release.


Yes Lyeform, bigness, the second drop on the OG mix is too much, liking the remix too

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was about to post on up in snh exchange asking is this was you @Lye_Form

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Nah that’s the other lyeform :badteeth:

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Really feeling this release, TMSV’s remix has that Bandulu sound to it as well. I was not expecting this, instantly reserved!

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yeah both tunes are massive, original is proper heavy

Shame hes quit producing to become a Muai Thai fighter




Making tunes in my pants is easier work.

Thanks to everyone/anyone supporting. Maxim is a badman for doing a 001 press as my debut vinyl release. Looking forward to where he takes the label.


Thanks for the kind words everybody :slight_smile: Release is dropping tomorrow so if you haven’t copped it yet but you really want to buy it: it’s available on Redeye, White Peach Records, Juno, Unearthed and probably RWDFWD!

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