Make friends with .reason users

hey i produce on reason i wanna make friends who make “riddim dubstep” even though thats a shit name hehe… im from england and i produce a type of music called…“bassline” “bass house” oldschhool garage" and jungle… i would post my soundcloud but i think ive been told off before for doing that like its a blatent advertisement or something… if anyone would like a few combinator patches or a lil reason file holla me :slight_smile: lets make some new friends :smiley: :smiley:

Hello dude! I use Reason, I’m just a noob producing, but I love experimenting with music and sound design, yesterday I was trying to do some “riddim” sounds, and I achieved it hahahaha

I would like to listen to some of your music dude, send me a private message with your soundcloud if you want :smile:

Greetings :mrgreen:

What synth do you use to make those comb basses?

I’m a long time Reason user. Still on version 5, someone made a fix so it runs
on OSX 10.10 :+1:

I don’t believe you outgrow these tools that fast. If I can’t make what I want to make
on an old version of Reason, buying a lot of new shit like VSTs and different hosts is
not going to help. I do also use Maschine and Pro Tools however.

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I abandoned Reason about a year ago and moved to Logic, no regrets.

Morris’ First Law of Ninja Dynamics
Any thread title which references a single digital audio workstation technology will develop into a digital audio workstation technology debate.


Yeah and it doesn’t benefit anything. If you like another daw better that’s fine, but
you can easily just use 2-3 in conjunction as well. The core mechanics are all the same.

FL iz th3 best. No0bz

Just kidding. Reason is the best DAW.

Reason taught me everything I know about hardware

I have been using reason for almost a decade now. And for the first 8 years or so never upgraded to a new version, I rocked 4 forever. Just in the past few years I have begun to scratch the surface of the huge world of Rack Extensions. I absolutely love reason but was honestly considering about running a different or a second program for a minute just to use some of the big popular VSTs but now with all these rack extensions to choose from I don’t think ill need to go anywhere else. Also u can try em all for like a month or two for free to see if you like em! which i can get pretty carried away with and then they all expire at once and i cry haha. But yeah i love that shit propellerhead for life for sure, gonna see if they will gimme a deal if i get their logo tattooed on me haha! Any where here is a tune I made all in Reason (as always) and for the first time mastered completely by myself in Reason 9.
Note most all the synth sounds were made on the Parsec Spectral Synthesizer cause I had just tried it out on a free demo haha

enjoy a free download as well

All analog hardware setup or go home noobz. ;p

Naw. I’ve heard some absolutely sick shit come out of Reason. Have considered buying it just for the synths several times…unfortunately the discount from owning Maschine to buy Komplete was too good when I was considering Reason.

The synths in reason are far better than any other soft synth imo


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