Marts - Untitled WIP [Dubstep]

Hey there,
I need some feedback on this wip.

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Ok so, the intro was pretty good, I like it really melodic and fun. It could use more stuff like percussion and bongos, stuff like that. The build up could have been better, some white noise risers could be helpful. The sound design is good, the breakdown is really cool and I love it, it has this fun future bass feel to it. Although when it goes into the build up of the second drop, the basses sort of kill the feeling and feels very sudden like it catches me off guard. Maybe try taking out the bass from the build up and leave the brass.

the intro is p cool
maybe sound design could use some work?
also maybe some variation on the build/intro for make it sounds more interesting

I’m agree with Ozero here.
The drop is good and all but you gotta work the transitions better (intro / build up mostly) for example the
first build up comes out of nowhere.
In the intro, I think you should got rid of the kick an snare maybe and just leave the cymbals.
You should got rid of the brass in the mellows part too, it just doesnt fit imo.

Otherwise this is a cool track.

Buildup clap was a little off at the start, seems a little off set. Do enjoy the melody of the buildup though.
I’d say, bring in a little melody from the intro synth and throw it in every 4 beat count at the end of the measure.

Cool sounds and interesting combination of sounds. I enjoyed it :slight_smile:

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