Masked performers & their reasons


no thanks, not my type
besides, I believe that SN(or)TS has a drug problem*



so I’ll do (Big) Kiss:
They initially had the early 70s big hair

but “At the same time that we were forming in New York, there was a very big glitter scene, where boys were basically acting like girls and putting on makeup,” Gene Simmons recalled during an interview with '90s fanzine Porkchops & Applesauce, conducted shortly before the original KISS lineup kissed and made up in 1996. “Y’know, all the skinny little guys, hairless boys. Well, we were more like football players; all of us were over 6 feet tall, and it just wasn’t convincing! The very first pictures we took when the band first got together, we looked like drag queens. But we knew we wanted to get outlandish. We weren’t a Grateful Dead kind of band that would get onstage and look worse than the roadie delivering our stuff. Which doesn’t negate what the Dead and other bands were doing; it just wasn’t us. Getting up onstage was almost a holy place for us, like church, so being onstage looking like a bum wasn’t my idea of respect. That’s where the makeup and dressing up came in. It would have obviously been a lot easier to get up onstage in jeans and T-shirts and go, ‘Okay, here we are–we’re the Ramones!’ And that would have been just as valid, but it would not have been honest.”

Considering how iconic the KISS characters have become–inspiring lucrative lines of action figures, lunchboxes, Halloween costumes, even Hello Kitty fashions and coffins–it’s amazing that there was no real master plan, marketing team, or celebrity stylist behind the band members’ character designs. “Nobody else was involved,” Gene recalled to P&A. "I just remember being in a loft in downtown New York, and looking in the mirror and just starting to draw. It was very stream-of-consciousness. What you see is really what just happened."

However, 10 years after KISS’s debut–on September 18, 1983–KISS did leave their larger-than-life, hotter-than-hell cartoon image behind, stripping off their warpaint at an infamous MTV press conference promoting their 11th studio album, Lick It Up. Although that album eventually went platinum, the unmasked men’s fresh-scrubbed faces met with mixed reactions from diehard KISS Army recruits at the time. “Everybody hated it,” recalled Gene. "People didn’t want the paint to come off, but you know what? Tough. It had to happen. You want your heroes to stay the same forever, but then the consequence of that is you get bored with them. We had to take it off. It had run its course.*
They played their first concert without make-up in 1983:

probably because they’d grown out of glamrock and had returned to hard rock.


here he is, Abstrakt Sonance

a bit broey at times & inspired by ICP (?)

helping out Mat the Alien etal with beats:

this is how beatport explains it:
One day, Abstrakt decided to ended it all by stabbing himself, and with the help of drugs and alcohol, it followed with having a heart attack. But the world did not want his existance to stop.With the help of amazing freinds (family, known as juggalo’s) … they moved him to a small town of Salmon Arm, and started his new outlook on life, and the new life of music! Now loving the small things in life, the beauty in the good and the bad, Abstrakt soaks up everything and anything around him, and turns it into inspiration! This is why every tune is so different, Abstrakt Sonance runs off what the world gives him for fuel.
although tending towards the cartoonish,
his tracks do have some lovely sub & crystal clear production
e.g. Beginnings or Run It

he can do a decent impression of grime, dungeon & even breakstep
and Hatcha & Crazy D work with him
can’t dj tho, just plays cds & twiddles knobs between brocking out.

but the real reason for the cover up?

he’s a gurning nerd.


Arthur Brown
and his crazy world.
this one is easy.
he dresses up thusly;

to avoid being revealed as this crinkly cntu:

which isn’t quite fair because he had the same predeliction for costume & make-up in 1967:

when he wasn’t so decrepit:

(but already crazy)
btw, he inspired Alice Cooper’s personna:





^the mask represents rebelling against the money-making thing
anybody could be wearing this mask
it’s more about the sound…

fair enough


Nobody’s done Zomby yet


I’ve tried but he never turns up for the interview.






it’s funny
just the other day I was thinking about my aversion to migrants getting about in native costume
in such a way as to be in-your-face ethnically different
and started considering going about in similar clothing myself
to both help identify with their experience
and undermine it by looking ridiculous in the Oz context.

that’s me on the right


nice post blah blah


Strange U

Kashmere, on the left, sometimes covers up a bit

and has different names for different genres
but Dr. Zygote, the reptilian, started wearing a mask for anonymity
(according to May Wire interview)
& both he & Kashmere think he’s got monstrous looks

point taken

"…I didn’t want people to straight away see us & recognize us from our scene.(UK hip-hop)… always found it interesting that while wearing a mask you could be crying or anything, and no one would know."
so why doesn’t his house persona wear a mask?


Cuz then the slutty girls in peach-colored lipstick and fake tans won’t share cocaine with him.


no slutty girls or fake tan here

cocaine a distinct possibility tho


Hence the mask.

Leicester City Baby Squad


Yeah one for the boyz alright.



Ah, the proctologist.
wears the mask to hide pleasure in sadism.


masked ‘DJs’ like that one is da worst tbh

only maskd performer I approve of is MF doom hes funny because you can never know whether its actually him performing