Masked performers & their reasons

first up, Stenchman

cos he’s a ds th.
But no, it’s not because he’s deformed
he’s actually an ok looking bloke
it’s actually to keep the stench of his breath to himself,
not to save us from it, although he’s a considerate, self-effacing bloke,
but because he loves the stink emanating from his gut.
Or so he says* in this interview:

Here’s some proppa, with coki-type wobble, he made:


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next up SBTRKT

wearing native masks because he has a jungle fetish*
and even gets his mate Sampha to go along with it:

they have some ds roots, sound like James Blake or Jamie Moon sometimes:

again, neither are particularly ugly

it’s not as if they’re Diplo

get a mask & a day job mate.



do slipknot next


Always thought The Knife kind of did it well.

Takes away from the fixation people have on egos and personalities and trying to connect the dots with the music… lets the music speak for itself. “How does such a pretty girl make such deep music?”


Also doe - how about not getting mobbed by fools when you go for a cup of coffee or are on a date?


Fuck Slipknot do Gwar. :cornlol:

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Buckethead is probably the strangest masked performer.

I think there’s only a couple of pictures of him without the mask. He’s also a ridiculously good guitarist.


Saw him way back when with Limbomaniacs and he blew me away, and I hated guitar solos at that point. Definitely super talented.

ah that’s an easy one

so he can’t bite at his stitches*:

and yeah, he can play:

not exactly a mask though

edit: in fact, this caused me to listen to his Electric Tears album:
goes from riffy to subtle; noice.

this is what they claim:
May 22, 2013 - Daft Punk have opened up about their decision to wear masks on stage, claiming it’s more exciting for people to see ther robot helmets than their real faces. … “But the robots are exciting to people.” The duo also admitted they enjoy the anonymity the masks give them when they are going about their lives.

but I know for a fact*
that they have robbed several banks & escaped on motorcycles
and used all the money to fund robotics research in France;
hence Marine Le Penn, the sex doll.


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deadmau5 wears a mouse head
to cover the fact* that he’s a rat.



Heavy Metal is most popular in countries that have wealthy, content populations
Swedish metalers Ghost BC don robes & masks because they are happy people
trying to become wealthier*



by request, gwa

these horrible countenances
are designed to save us viewing the ravages of time & beer
but underneath are hearts of gold & Trump supporters.
Now, prepare yourself
because this is what they look like unmasked at a family bbq*:

*alternative fact


hee hee, it’s still frickn bro
meanwhile, on Earth,
Squarepusher taking his mask for a walk:

and berating it

for going on the blink during last night’s show:

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If wear a helmet if it had a little vaporizer nozzle and fans and shit.

^sounds healthy

so why does DJ Paypal wear an advertisement on his head?

maybe he doesn’t want to reveal that he’s a chipmunk*

*pure speculation

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Actually booked Stentchman during the bro phenomenon back when and have to say he can hold down vodka with ket like nobody’s business.


DJ Stingray


Big up the double down heavy dissociative massiiiiive…

Goat stare into the camera,
all displaying the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome,
having been kidnapped at an early age by Nanny Goat
who held them hostage in the props department of the Orionteatern
during the noughties, making them listen to old Gong records*,

actually, my brainfried-side quite likes this,

here’s a whole concert:

(pass the heronburgers & spliff…15.20 is the groove)
*lies, all lies

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