what are some of your go to filters

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I just use LP4. Scream is equally steep I think.

A bit of double notch can be interesting too.

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ive found double notch to be interesting but sometimes when i use it, it makes the sound very low. Any idea why?

first thread. ill be sure to place them in the correct category next time.

Because it’s cutting out some of the sound.

I suppose im not using it the correct way then.
Every time I try to use it, it doesnt work for me.
In what way are you using it that works for you?

Set the resonance to 9 o’clock and send an LFO to the cutoff.

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I will see if that works and let you know the outcome for me.


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Very rarely use massive’s filters. It is a shame. I’d use the synth way more, as I like the interface, though I don’t like the envelope.

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What? What’s " the envelope" ??


brutal electro only

modern talking tho