Massive's Arpeggiator

Yo guys I got a question about massive’s step sequencer. I have it modulating the pitch of an oscillator right now but I also have an envelope on the cutoff of a filter that that oscillator is going through. I want each step of the sequencer to trigger the envelope but it only triggers the very first time I press a key down. How can I get the envelope to trigger each time the step changes pitch?

Hmm…that’s a good question. I am like 95% sure that isn’t possible. The perf in Ableton is just like any other LFO and doesn’t seem to retrigger the envelopes. I think that only MIDI input retriggers the envelopes but I don’t know if you can change that anywhere.

Can’t you run a second perf to replace your filter automation or do you have a crazy envelope or something? The other option would be to macro the filter and draw it out in your DAW.

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Running a perf to the filter cutoff is eventually what I did. Kind of annoying though. I wish I had more control over the envelope.