(Mastering) Who do you use?


Who do you use? Had a number of masters done through labels and not always been 100% happy with the results. Looking at getting a couple done myself and finding someone who wont mind having a decent chat about improving my mixes.Suggestions?


There’s at least one ninja here who does quality mastering, but I don’t wanna go broadcasting in case they’re trying to be discreet about soliciting work. I’ll PM ya.


I just do shit self masters and hope no one notices




u only posted in here coz u saw he copied ur avatar amirite


Most people use jason from transition


most labels use beau at 10 8 7 these days


Trust me, we do. :smiling_imp:

My only release to date was done by Rebel Traxx’ owner Perry, the post-masters were really tasty. not sure of his company name/prices etc off the top of my head.


Been so tempted to give Beau an email before but hes done so many top tracks its a bit intimidating if you knw what I mean haha


I usually use http://www.sestudios.co.uk

They always do a great job, are quick and a good price.


I’ve used http://gibbon-records.com/artist/benwaa/ this mans services a couple times, really good results.

I also used this guy: https://www.facebook.com/hpmixing/?fref=ts for a non-profit sound project…he did over 10 EPs/LPs for us. Mostly does Metal, but knows electronic stuff too.


You shouldn’t be mate, the Sub Basics EP on Visceral Vibrations was mastered and cut by them. New label, new artist. Sure there’s loads of other examples. Don’t think he looks at things that way.


Only had stuff done properly by Stardelta.
I forget the guy’s name, but they did sound quite a bit thicker than my own masters of the same tracks, so that was good. I can’t seem to find the email with his name in it, but if you want I can tell you the name of the EP and you can see how it sounds (whether or not you like my composition and mixing, lol) for yourself.

Best thing, or at least what I’ve always wanted to be able to do (as far as having other people in/on my stuff w/o a ‘feat.’ or something) is find a place you can actually go and sit with the person treating your music. I think the main cause for producers not to like the masters they get back is a difference in vision. Like if you can actually be there and say you want them to do more than “just make it louder please”, then any remotely good engineer will be able to get the job done.


I’ve had the opportunity to sit in when my mastering is being done and it is a good experience.