[Melodic dubstep] Need your feedback guys!

Hi, today I released my first melodic dubstep (and very first) track. I would appreciate a lot if you could take a few minutes to leave me some feedback about it. Thx !


your drums and saw sound are fighting a losing battle in the mix and sound so out of place anyway that they should be removed. the additional soft synth parts are fine and where you should be building from.

Hey Shum, thank you for your constructive feedback. Do you think the drums are too loud, or simply don’t fit with the spirit of the track ? What would you do ?
Thank you again for your reply.

the drums are being dominated by the original track, they are too quiet and yes, imo, they don’t fit the spirit of the track.

if i wanted to a dubstep/electro/edm remix then it wouldn’t be of this track. the original is just so busy (a strange thing to say for a ballad) that it isn’t worth the work to make heavy percussion and bass fit.

I really appreciate your feedback man, really constructive and helps me a lot. I think you’re right, I’ll try to get better for my next tracks. Thank you again !