[Melodic Dubstep] Ozboy - Old Worlds

Hey guys, haven’t found much time to produce much lately. But i was able to create this and i am leaving it open to feedback, or for your listening pleasure. Cheers X

Mixdown is pretty bad. Everything is very LOUD and it was starting to hurt my ears. Had to turn it off, I’m afraid.

Would suggest you give the mix another go. Try and separate out the elements so they’re not all fighting for the same frequency range.

Hey Tabasco, i understand what you’re saying.
Do you have any tips for EQing sounds without them loosing their integrity?

Pick what elements you want to drive the mix then EQ subtractively around them.

I would be very aware that using distortion or harmonic exciters to make things louder usually results in harshness in the 3-5K range that can make a track unable to be listened to. Yours has reached that point. I am guilty of doing this for sure but on the grand scale…I think this is a big problem that happens even in pro tracks.

Just curious…did you use Ozone’s harmonic exciter? Their tape saturation setting seems like a magical loud maker with the click of one button but it often creates waaaay too much harshness in the 3-5K range. If I use it, I keep every amount at 0.1 - 0.3 and also drop the wet / dry to 50-75%. It is easy to pop the amounts of each band up to 1+ I used to do that a lot thinking…wow this is great…insta-loud when it is actually insta-headache.

A quick fix is that when you add a saturator or distortion to the top end, follow up with a broad EQ to lower the 3-5K range. The right thing to do is use the exciters and distortion sparingly.

Yeah you hit the nail on the head! Already the harmonic exciter and stereo imager is something I am using a lot more lightly now, and I am also trying to find a healthy balance with the limiters to work nicely with the compression as i was cramming every decibel i could out of them.

Yeah that tape saturation…seems like a nuclear weapon…its either nothing or DESTROY ALL!!!

I think the next best thing is their tube saturation setting. It doesn’t have as much of a volume impact but it seems to be the next best thing for our style of bass.

What DAW do you work out of? I am hooked on Ableton’s saturator setup with the sinoid curve. I think that it has a volume boost equivalent to the tape saturation but it beefs up the mid range and doesn’t add any harshness.

Here is a little trick that I picked up and really really like. If you have Trash2, enable just the top band of the distortion and then apply drive -> amperical. Go easy on the wet / dry…maybe 25-50% at max. I find that it acts a lot like the tape saturation and really brightens up the top end of a bass and helps it pop out of the mix. Between Ableton’s sinoid saturator and the trash2 setup, I think it give you similar volume boosts without the ear bleeds :smile: