Melodic Moody 140

Was going for something percussive but sill containing melodic elements. Thoughts on the writing and arrangement, mixdown etc?

Had a quick listen on phone will get at u 2morro once heard it on some decent headphones


Easy SoS

This track is really good. it’s off kilter in every sense of the word, the melodies used are really unique, really a-tonal

the mix is good too, everything, particularly the shaker/hi hat percussion sit really nicely in there… the sub is simple but effective, making the occasional pitch slide when it comes in more enjoyable… the snare has a really good place in the mix too, it cut’s through well especially considering the elements you’re using and the amount of reverb on other sounds

wicked SoS, more intricate and original than a lot of new dubstep i see coming out so big up !

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