Mental Adventure - Escape From Midgar (150ish BPM/808)

Made this real quick. With the new weather coming in, I had to get something out of me with a little more machismo.

Hope you enjoy–let me know what you think

first I am very uneasy about the intro. I cant decide if it is specifically the winding riser behind the lead or the lead itself or just your choice of introducing the song. i feel like its abrupt and i’m thrown right into things and not eased into the complete mix. i don’t listen to this style so i’m not going to critique on anything other than how i feel when listening to the song.

second. the constant background riser thing again seems to be fighting for attention with your lead. i cant decide on which to focus my attention. it takes away from all the other elements and everything kinda seems to drone on for me.

Thanks for the feedback!

I can see how the opening chords and riser throw you right into things. I made this as a mini homage to video game boss fights and escape sequences, so the risers and chords (are trying to) set an urgent tone.

I tried to pan the drone sounds way out to help the lead cut through a bit–but I can see how it’s still tough to differentiate at times. Sort of a wall of sound.

Thanks again! I really appreciate it

Agree with the comment above about the riser. It could work in the tune, but it needs working in more, maybe drop it in and out.