MentalFrame - Drop The Pin [Dubstep]

Hey there!

I’d like to get some feedback for my latest track. Especially what do do better with my mixdown and master, cause that’s tricky as fuck.


The idea is good! At first I was listening to this on med-low on my speakers then during the drop I thought you high passed your entire Drop. :sweat_smile: So I put on my headphones and its just your sub bass in the intro is just way louder then your drop. Then when you add a limiter it sounds like the bass line during the intro is getting the shit squashed out of it. This is the most obvious issue. Take off the limiter. and re-mix it until all sounds good and leveled without a limiter. Then add your limiter with a light ratio. good potienal. Did you design some of those sexy sounds yourself during the drop? :grinning:


Oh yea, now that you said it. Will change that up. Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Well, basically this is just one sound with different envelope modulations.
I used a preset that was close to what I was looking for and changed it a bit. So it’s about 50/50 I would say. Is this something to feel ashamed about? I hope not :smiley:
But wouldn’t be much work to do them by myself I guess. Probably I should’ve designed them by myself.

But thanks for your kind words and your constructive feedback. Appreciate!