Middle Gray - Clouds [Melodic]

Worried about the modulation in the third section; not sure if it comes off well.

By modulation, I mean the key change. (~2:39)

Like the intro here and the synth stabs throughout. I also like the automation you used for the pad that comes in at 1:25. As for the key change it’s a bit abrupt and I feel like key changes, even by just a semitone work better after a full breakdown. But it still works and is a good tune overall. What didn’t work for me quite as well was the abrupt ending. I felt like there were more ideas that needed time to develop and you kind of just said “I’m tired”. Lol.

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yeah agree; it’s half a tune
the first half is bright & redolent of summery clouds
(colourful shit, you might say)
halfway gurgles come along as a disjunct
(what sound can I use now?)
the key change is dynamic
but just ends without telling us more about dem clouds.

overall, it sounds like the score for a “coming of age” tele-movie

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I like it :slight_smile: Nice smooth melody

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